Laser tattoo

Fell Out of Love with Your Tattoo? There are Ways to Help!

Credit: Pixabay Tattoos are a common occurrence nowadays: it’s one of the ways people express themselves. Something that once was rare has become mainstream. That being said, many owners regret the decision with time and the reasons are numerous. Some people just stop liking the image they had chosen because very often the idea to […]

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Cadillac HOTEL opening party

World’s first-ever Cadillac HOTEL opens in Dubai

The premium American automotive brand, Cadillac, opened its doors last night to the world’s first Cadillac HOTEL, popping up in Dubai at this year’s edition of SOLE DXB. The official launch party was attended by some of the popular socialites and influencers from across the Middle East. Cadillac HOTEL opening party Open from Thursday 6th […]

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Skydive Dubai

Time for Luxury and Exuberance in Dubai

Credit: Viator It’s a well-known fact that Dubai is one of the best resorts on our planet and has a competitive edge over many other popular destinations. Dubai is located in a favorable climate, has a great selection of attractions and all kinds of entertainment, including elite activities. This part of the world is a […]

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MENA based translation company, Torjoman, grows operations by 50%

Torjoman, the MENA based translations company, which operates offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, has introduced its latest solution as part of its efforts to fully digitise its services. Customers can now enjoy Torjoman’s complete translation services online, through either its website or newly launched app, to do everything from online ordering, requesting a […]

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Dubai downtown

Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse in Dubai

Credit: Pixabay Dubai: Cradle of Innovation in the Place of History and Religious Rule. Dubai is an amazing place to visit, that’s why it is one of the top destinations for people on vacations. The reason is quite simple: travelers are intrigued and fascinated by many wonderful aspects of this complex city -from enhanced technology, […]

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Dubai is a happening place, be it the desert or the famous Burj Khalifa, no one stops talking about the luxury that Dubai offers. This place is known for lavish living. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, then do not forget to visit all the famous places that you’ve been seeing on […]

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