Month: Oct 2019
Dubai downtown

Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse in Dubai

Credit: Pixabay Dubai: Cradle of Innovation in the Place of History and Religious Rule. Dubai is an amazing place to visit, that’s why it is one of the top destinations for people on vacations. The reason is quite simple: travelers are intrigued and fascinated by many wonderful aspects of this complex city -from enhanced technology, […]

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Dubai is a happening place, be it the desert or the famous Burj Khalifa, no one stops talking about the luxury that Dubai offers. This place is known for lavish living. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, then do not forget to visit all the famous places that you’ve been seeing on […]

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Travel Guide for Persons with Disabilities in Dubai

Credit: Pixabay The hot and happening city of Dubai is known worldwide for its glitz and glamour. With state-of-the-art amenities, the city’s attractions; its malls, theme parks, is inclusive and accessible to everyone. In addition to its many facilities, Dubai is to hold The Future Accessibility Summit Dubai as a 2-day initiative with the theme […]

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Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is the fourth most visited places in the world that is famous for the high-rising architectural wonders and excellent collection of resorts and spas. It is a place that was once the talk of the town for its stellar tower Burj Al Arab, only to be replaced by the Palm Jumeirah and today the […]

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