Ajman Free Zone Visits Indonesian Consulate to Explore Investment Opportunities

Ajman Free Zone Visits Indonesian Consulate to Explore Investment Opportunities

of Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) visited the Indonesian Consulate recently to explore
new investment opportunities with the Indonesian business community. The
meeting was held prior to the upcoming Trade Expo Indonesia hosted by the
Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, providing an exclusive opportunity for Ajman
Free Zone to project its dynamic services it continues to offer foreign
businessmen and investors coming to the UAE.

Fatma Salem, Acting General Manager, along with other officials and representatives of Ajman Free Zone were welcomed by a senior government delegation including Ridwan Hassan, General Consul, Budhi Prihantoro, Economic Affairs, Consulate General Office, and Heny Rusmiyati, ITPC Dubai Director.

event was organised to promote trade relations and explore prospects in various
sectors, primarily, Food & Beverage. Senior officials of Ajman Free Zone
expressed the free zone’s ambitious plans to promote its services across main
markets around the world. Identified as a distinguished business and trade
destination, Ajman Free Zone conveyed its status as the ideal haven for international
investors offering state-of-art infrastructure and business advantages and a
fully integrated digital getaway at competitive rates. Various business and
operational strategies and growth plans in cooperation with the Indonesian markets
were also aligned.

About Ajman Free Zone:

Ajman Free Zone has played a
pivotal role in becoming Ajman’s biggest contributor to prosperity and
happiness. As part of Ajman Vision 2021 and the greater UAE vision 2030,
Ajman Free Zone is undergoing a major redevelopment. The key components of this
redevelopment are centered around Ajman Free Zone’s general business
operations, digitizing the business, partnering with key stakeholders and
investors, developing and expanding infrastructure and tapping into new target
sectors. The free zone has become more future-focused and is investing
heavily in diversifying its portfolio in areas such as Advanced Technology,
Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology, as well as in Education, Health and
Retail. These new target sectors and partnerships aim to not only attract new
business but equally important, create a dynamic and holistic environment for
the Emirate of Ajman – one with greater access to international markets and a
bigger opportunity for collaboration.

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