Exponential growth in Q2 sales help boosts ArabClicks’ expansion

Arab Clicks

The Dubai-based company, which made its formal entry into Egypt in the second week of May this year, is devising strategies to tap key markets in other parts of the world

Following an exponential growth in sales and traffic between March and July this year, ArabClicks — a leading performance-based marketing platform that helps e-commerce companies connect and grow in the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets – has now set its sight on other key global markets to widen its sales and customer base.

“The UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia played very dominant role in the company’s business growth. ArabClicks is also growing steadily in Egypt, which is one of the biggest markets for Facebook in the region with 24 million daily users and nearly 37 million monthly mobile users,” said ArabClicks Co-Founder and CEO Mauro Romano, adding that the business potential in Saudi Arabia and Egypt is huge.

Latest reports suggest that Saudi Arabia has the highest annual growth rate of social media users than anywhere else in the world. Data from We Are Social, and Hootsuite recently highlighted that social media users in KSA grew by 32 per cent versus a worldwide average of 13 per cent.

“Brands’ pay-out growth at Arabclicks was exponential with computer electronics, mobile phones, clothing and beauty being the leading source of revenue,” said Romano. 

“New segments are being added to the queue and they are performing well too. Real estate and healthcare, for example, witnessed huge traffic,” he added. 

Arab Clicks
Arab Clicks

The key categories of products that are traded through Arabclicks include computer & electronics, clothing & apparel, cosmetics, insurance, books, media, entertainment, travel and games. Arabclicks has different traffic sources that involve comparative websites, YouTubers, discount websites, influencers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters. 

ArabClicks is a network of networks. It drives buyers / traffic from many sources such as websites, YouTubers, bloggers and more to e-commerce providers. It is disruptive because it doesn’t require any payment upfront but a commission on the back of successful sales. 

As the number of internet users in the world has increased 1,125 per cent to 7.71 billion in less than a decade, Arabclicks seeks to expand its reach to other global markets. The Dubai-based company made its formal entry into Egypt in the second week of May this year.

“Now we are looking beyond the MENA region. Arabclicks will be announcing its expansion plans soon. Right now, we are devising strategies to tap key markets in other parts of the world,” said Romano.

Arabclicks acts as an online platform, connecting a myriad of traffic sources to e-commerce merchants, enabling online retailers across the region to maximise their audience size and potential revenue, while empowering publishers and influencers to profit from their digital assets, content and audience-base.

The Dubai-based company pairs local and global, best-selling brands and services with online publishers and social influencers providing them with the opportunity to monetise their content by promoting these brands, products and services across channels such as websites, mobile applications, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, blogs and other social channels.

The company’s key products include ArabClicks LinkConverter and Arabclicks SmartLink that turn any hyperlinks into a source of revenue generation without altering the user experience. 

While ArabClicks LinkConverter scans website content and makes online links embedded in a publisher’s content generate income, its SmartLink enables publishers and influencers to monetise commercial link across all of social networks and channels, the company said, adding that the unique feature of Arabclicks SmartLink also allows content creators to tweet, post share and send revenue-generating links to anyone anywhere.

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