Fun Things to do in Dubai

Dubai Aquarium: The Biggest Underwater Aquatic Zoo

If you have seen enough of Dubai attractions, which I doubt will ever happen, you can head to one of the shopping centres, Dubai Mall and awe at the different marine species in the aquarium situated inside it. This tourist attraction is featured to be the largest aquarium in the world and it has approximately 140 variety of aquatic species. You can witness a few as you toddle the 48-meter long walk-through tunnel. However, to have even better experience, why not be a little adventurous and opt for a cage snorkeling and shark diving activities, it would create a life-long memorable experience. Other activities that may suit leisure travellers or elders is taking a glass bottom boat tours.

Global Village: An All Night Extravaganza with Entertainment, Food and Shopping

One of Dubai’s most popular tourist destinations, Global Village is the best place to be with friends and family. As the night falls, the entire village lights up in colourful and decorative bulbs offering an exciting ambience. With a variety of different pavilions each offering a cultural attraction of varied countries, this place is certainly a must visit. Visit the Egypt pavilion to buy some antiquities and (Jalabiyia) their traditional dresses; Oman to buy Omani fashion accessories, China for their colourful floral clothes and Africa pavilion for hand-carved artifacts. You can also get exquisite carpets from Iran and ethnic clothing from India and Pakistan’s pavilions. I bet, an evening spent here will lift your spirits high as you attend stage shows; get entertained; and end a perfect evening by savouring different country’s cuisine.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: Home to the Arabian Gazelle

A bit of a city break is much needed even if you came solely for a city tour because there are a couple of nature tourist sites you just have to go explore in Dubai. One such fabulous place, a popular wildlife destination where you can find indigenous species of animals is Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Species like sand gazelles, mountain gazelles and Arabian oryx are introduced to tourists in this reserve. Covering a land of 225-sq-km, here you can get access to one of the four zones, via travel guides or tour operators, i.e. if you plan a quick day tour. However, if you decide to stay in their luxurious wildlife resort, the remaining three are accessible to the resort guests.

Alserkal Art District: A Gathering Place for Artists and Art Lovers

One of the best places to visit in Dubai for art connoisseurs and lovers, Alserkal Art District is becoming a popular hub. Plan a visit here and visit a number of contemporary art galleries, while some are smaller start-ups, there are a few well established galleries like the Ayyam Gallery, Green Art Gallery and The Third Line. This district plays like a platform for new talents and helps in highlighting beautiful art works. In fact, Alserkal Art District also has a mishmash of restaurants and fashion boutiques opened by local designers. For certain, you can feel a livelier vibe, completely different from the other tourist spots, more artsy with a feel-good ambience.

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